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Alphaware  eMail 

As of July 2009 all Alphaware customers are running on Alphaware's Premium eMail system.
Alphaware eMail allows you to access your email from anywhere on earth through a web browser similar to Gmail or Hotmail.

To login to your Alphaware Mail account:

Go to: http://mail.alphawaresolutions.com
Please note that there is NO WWW in the address.

You can then login using your email address in the following format:  yourname@yourdomainname.com
The default password for all new accounts is: abcd12

It's highly advisable that you change your password after your first login.  

Upon first login, you will need to change your password in order to protect your information.
Click here for password change instructions.

Freeing up eMail Storage Space

Is your email box filling up?
If your email box fills up completely emails sent to your account will be rejected but a little bit of maintenance can prevent you from running into this problem or having to upgrade your storage.


 All folders add to your total storage quota, not just your inbox.

A lot of storage space typically gets used up by the “Spam” and “Trash” folders.   When you delete a message from your inbox, it goes into your trash, it is not completely removed.  This allows you to “un-delete” your mail.  To permanently and completely remove unwanted emails, click on the trash folder then delete them again. 

By selecting the check box in the upper left you can select all, then simply hit the “delete” button.  If there are multiple pages of email headers in your trash folder you will need to repeated this for each page.

Like the “Trash” spam is not automatically removed from your email account.  When the email server detects that an incoming message is likely spam it routes it to the “Spam” folder.  This is done to ensure that you can recover a message if the server were to improperly tag it as spam. 

To permanently delete the contents of the Spam folder, repeat the process as specified with the “Trash” folder.

Change eMail Password
Changing your password regularly is a good practice to get into.  Here's how.

Problems Sending?
Some Comcast customers, some hotels, and some other service providers block the default mail send port.  Here's how to fix it.

Guides For Configuring Common Devices

  Outlook 2007
Setup Guide (POP)
Setup Guide (IMAP)         
  Outlook 2003
  Outlook Express
Setup Guide (POP)
Setup Guide (IMAP)  
Setup Guide (POP)
Setup Guide (IMAP) 
   Windows Mobile 

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