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Premium Email Screen Shots

Main Mail View

Your main mail window includes the ability to "Check External Email" allowing you to combine your free GMAIL, Hotmail or other personal account into the main mail view.

Add any number of custom email folders to help keep organized.  "External Mail" can be set to download to a specific folder allowing this to be your one email program while keeping personal and business separated.

Click on a email to have it appear in the lower section or double click on it to view full screen.




Create any number of calendars.  Typically a user may have a "personal calendar" which is not shared throughout the company, a "personal business" calendar which is shared allowing others to view your schedule, and a "corporate group calendar" which shows events and meetings that pertain cross-company.

The calendar interfaces with your "Contact Lists" to allow you to quickly add your contacts to the event contact list.  They will then receive a notification of the meeting via email and the meeting will be added to their calendar.  The can choose to accept, or decline the meeting, or set reminders.

The calendars, reminders, and notifications sync with Outlook, Windows Mobile, BlackBerry and Iphone.


Contact Lists


Create any number of contacts and groups of contacts.  Contact information can also be imported from your existing contact management program.  

Group your contacts into "Contact Groups" for easy mass mailings.  Create groups for departments, teams, and more.  Create customer contact lists and lists for company newsletters. 

Create company-wide shared contact lists as well as private ones.

As with other features, "Contacts" will synchronize across Outlook, Windows Mobile, BlackBerry and Iphone.


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