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Alphaware Premium Email Services

Alphaware is pleased to announce the addition of Premium Email Services for our small business customers.  Please contact your Alphaware customer service representative for more information.

Key Features

Larger Email Boxes: 1GB Standard, up to 10GB per-box available!

99.9% Guaranteed Service Uptime through clustered servers across multiple locations.  Three copies of your data are stored on three geographically dispersed data centers.

eMAIL Recovery: If one of your users ever accidentally deletes an email, an entire folder, or even a mailbox, it's easy to restore that data. Backups are retained for 14 days; so as long as the data was deleted within the past 13 days, a complete restoration can be performed.

Premium Spam Filtering:Our spam filtering system, powered by Cloudmark®, features Advanced Message Fingerprinting™ and real-time threat intelligence to rapidly detect spam, phishing and viruses. Instead of analyzing message text, Cloudmark uses a series of highly sophisticated algorithms to generate fingerprints that precisely identify abuse in all language and formats. These message fingerprints are updated in sub-minute intervals. This automated approach delivers spam filtering accuracy of 98% or higher together with near zero false positives.

Premium AntiVirus: Four-Stage Virus protection starts by Restricting dangerous types of file attachments. Stage 2 searches for email formatting vulnerabilities that can be used by viruses to hide from virus scanners. If any vulnerability is found, our system corrects the formatting of the message so that it can be thoroughly scanned for viruses.  In stage 3 compressed attachments are temporarily unzipped so that the contents can be scanned for viruses.  In the final stage everything is scanned to ensure maximum protection against new virus threats.

Business Collaboration Software

Contacts, Company Directory, and Group Lists accessible from anywhere—whether you're in the office or on the road.

Shared Calendaring Feature-rich web-based calendar with all the functionality you expect from a business-class calendar application — including the ability to share calendars with other users in the email hosting system

Task lists that can go anywhere you go - no more relying on your desktop client to manage your tasks. And with Noteworthy Sync, you can synchronize your Webmail tasks with Outlook and/or Blackberry. You get all the bells and whistles of a powerful task manager:

...All Synchronized!
  • Synchronize calendars, contacts, and tasks between Outlook, BlackBerry mobile devices, Windows Mobile devices, and Webmail
  • View shared calendars in both Microsoft Outlook and Webmail
  • Customize and schedule automatic synchronizations
  • Manage and update data from any computer, BlackBerry mobile, and/or Windows Mobile device
  • Increase productivity by giving others visibility to their calendar online and offline
  • Easily set up sync capability between multiple computers

Premium eMAIL Plans

eMAIL Premium Plus
contact for more information
Cost: $49.95 Per Month $69.95 Per Month
Service Levels : 99.9% Guaranteed Service Uptime 99.9% Guaranteed Service Uptime
Product Support: 30-day free Product Support
Mon-Fri 9AM-6PM
90-day free Product Support
Mon-Fri 9AM-6PM
*Mail Transfer from your current email system
Email Included: (20 Boxes, 20 aliases) (20 Boxes, 40 aliases)
Backup: Triple Redundancy Back-Ups Triple Redundancy Back-Ups

Virus & Spam Filtering:

Premium Spam Filtering
Premium Virus Protection

Premium Spam Filtering
Premium Virus Protection

Email Box Size: 1GB (1,000MB) each 10GB (10,000MB) each
Additional Software & Synchronization:

SYNC Calendar, Contacts, Tasks across Webmail, Outlook, BlackBerry®, Windows Mobile, or iPhone

Contacts and Company Directory
Shared Calendaring

Task Lists

SYNC Calendar, Contacts, Tasks across Webmail, Outlook, BlackBerry®, Windows Mobile, or iPhone

Contacts and Company Directory
Shared Calendaring

Task Lists
Upgrades: 5 Additional email boxes $12.50 Per Month 5 Additional email boxes $17.5 per month.

847-201-1044 or use our Contact Form

Pricing is in addition to your current 
a.SHOP or a.CMS account.  Premium email is only offered in conjunction with a.SHOP or a.CMS services and is not sold separately.  

* Current server must support this feature in order for this service to work.  Alphaware-hosted SmarterMail does support this.

Premium eMail Screen Shots

Main Mail View

Personal & Group Calendars

Advanced Contact Management

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