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a.CMS Release Notes v2.0.0008
12/5/2008 | Vince Paul

- When trying to login in the manager you can now hit the enter key to attempt a login.

- Sorting by date in the Media Manager page has been fixed. Clicking on the sort field will sort the images ascending and clicking the same field again will reverse the order.

- The Media Manager thumb generator updated to include image height in tolerance check. Previously tolerances were only check by image width and not height.

- Clicking on the Media Manager thumb images will open a new window showing the image in its actual size.

- The style sheet editor will now prompt you for confirmation when you want to delete a style.  This was added to avoid accidently clicking on the delete button of a style and deleting it unintentionally.

- Fixed the upload function in the Media Manager dialog in the HTML editor. Was not uploading images previously.

- Removed "Blog Title" from the blog widget default template.

- Updated Media Manager's multi image uploader to support Flash 10 security settings. Does not function with Firefox, only with Internet Explorer.

- Treeview images now properly linked in the Internal Link dialog in the HTML editor.

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