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a.SHOP, the Complete eCommerce & Web Platform for Small Business

No infrastructure!  No servers, no support contracts, no data networks required.  By managing web sites, ecommerce, security and email from a central, source Alphaware is capable of offering 99.9% uptime and improved performance while significantly lowering total cost of ownership per client.  

Alphaware Listens to you! 
Many of our clients have similar requests when it comes to the features and interactivity they want out of their web sites.  With a.SHOP many of the most common requests are no longer custom but are integrated into our program.  All of these new features are free of charge as long as your account is active.  Alphaware listens to our customers through a online feature request form.  Submit your feature requests and they may just be added – free of charge!

Turn Key or Custom:

Alphaware’s a.Shop and a.CMS as a framework for all projects; thus eliminating re-work.  When you need custom features or custom designs, you’ll only pay for the truly custom portions. All of the common features will be there from the beginning!

All of this for less than the price of a cell phone contract!  Alphaware understands how important it is, now more than ever, for small businesses to run streamlined and efficient. 

With a.SHOP there’s no contract to sign!  

A.Shop uses standard buttons and controls similar to those found in popular desktop publishing and design software in order to keep things simple and shorted the learning curve to almost nothing!

No web development skill is necessary to create your site.
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Manage your catalog of products, sales, pricing, volume pricing rules, related products, and more through the newly redesigned A.Shop catalog section.

Activating and deactivating products from the customer-facing site, changing pricing, and adding sales is still as easy as ever with our simple spread-sheet interface.
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Your Design and product management pay off as the a.Shop software automatically builds and updates your customer-facing website based off of parameters that you have set using a.Shop's design and management sections.

A new, easier to use order tracking system monitors the entire process.
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    Starting at : $499.95
  Monthly Fee: $99.95

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