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a.CMS Powered Web Sites 

a.CMS is a powerful FREE software that comes with every paid Alphaware hosting account.  
Alphaware’s a.CMS Software allows you to update your own site without programming knowledge. 

Typically our customers use a.CMS in one of three ways:

Professional Design, Update yourself
Full Do-it-Yourself
We do everything for you. Alphaware builds, designs, updates and maintains the site. a.CMS just runs quietly behind the scenes to power the site.
Our most popular option, Alphaware will professionally design an build the site, then we pass it over to the customer to update their own content.
Alphaware provides a basic template, then you fill out your site with your content.  Full DIY costs you nothing but the hosting contract!

It's Easy!
Click here to see just how easy a.CMS is to use. 
This video demonstrates a site being updated in under a minute!
Total run time: 1min 10 sec, 12.2MB

What is a.CMS and How Does it Work?

Alphaware’s a.CMS software is a content management system for web sites.

In short, a.CMS separates the “Content” of your web site (your text, images, graphics, and media) from the “Code” of your web site (complex computer-language used in all web sites and programs). A.CMS then adds the ability for you, the user, to create and manage the content of your web site though easy-to-use tools. Learn more about a.CMS.

a.CMS is made up of four easy-to-use design tools that aid you in building or editing your site.  The Media Manager, The Shared Content Manager, the a.CMS Editor, and the Blog Manager. 

Click here for more information and images of a.CMS in action.

Getting Started

For building informational or advertisement based web sites there is no better choice of platform that a.CMS. Alphaware supports a variety of roll-out plans for a.CMS. From quick and easy to custom and advanced.  Want us to take care of everything for you?  Contact Us about Alphaware Custom Services.

Virtually all major corporations use a form of CMS to update their web sites and intranet's. Alphaware brings this capability to personal sites, small businesses, and medium-sized companies with practical tools and low costs starting at just $19.95 per month and that includes a.CMS, Hosting, and email.

Like all Alphaware software, you will receive free updates and new features as long as your account is active and in good standing.

Setup Fee: $99.95

Monthly Fee: $49.95

No contract required, just fill out the SIGNUP FORM.

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