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Using a.CMS

a.CMS is made up of Three Easy-to-use design tools that aid you in building or editing your site.  The Media Manager, The Shared Content Manager, and the a.CMS Editor.  Click here for more information and images of a.CMS in action.



Media Manager

From here you can upload and organize all the images you want to use on your site.  The Media Manager also handles all documents, (such as PDFs), Adobe Flash, Videos, and audio or music files. The Media Manager allows you to simply browse your computer’s hard drive and then hit “upload” to send this material to the server for use in your site.

Shared Content Manager

You can create re-usable components such as a banner-add or navigation bar that you intend to use in multiple areas of your site.  This content can be created and organized in the Shared Content Manager then pasted into as many pages as you’d like.

The a.CMS Editor

 It all comes together in the easy-to-use a.CMS editor.  Images from the Media Manager and Shared Content are inserted into pages you create here.  You can also create new page content or edit existing content directly from the editor. The “Link” tool allows you to link your pages together and create links to pages and web sites outside of your site.  The “Site Structure” tool allows you to create and manage all of the pages of your site.


Blog Manager

The new Blog Manager allows you to write, post, and edit multiple blogs across your site.  Blogs use the same easy-to-use editor as found in the content area, but make it easier to post continually updates news or articles to your site.  Blogs also include a variety of user-controlled output options for display on your site. An example of a blog can be seen to the right on this page: The a.CMS Dev Blog.

a.Shop Dev Blog
a.CMS Release Notes v2.0.0008
12/5/2008 | Vince Paul

- When trying to login in the manager you can now hit the enter key to attempt a login.

- Sorting by date in the Media ...

New Patch - a.Shop Release Notes v2.0.0012
11/20/2008 | Vince Paul

a.Shop was upgraded to Version 2.0.0012 on November 19th.
All a.Shop clients have receive this upgrade free-of-charge. v2.0.0012 includes the following changes / fixes:

- When ...

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